Home Automation


We designs intelligent home automation systems with the focus on peace of mind and simplicity. Our solutions offer clients an entirely new approach to the way they interact with their personal space and how they share it with others.

Following a detailed lifestyle assessment, our technical experts design and install solutions accordingly, ensuring that every system is personalized and tailored to individual requirements, preferences and lifestyles. Control of entertainment systems, lighting and climate, security and home theaters is all available at your fingertips from virtually anywhere, even outside the home.



Imagine, with one slight touch, the room dims to the right scene, music starts playing, the temperature sets and the curtains close. Ready for a cosy evening. The integration of all these functions in an intelligent and user-friendly system is the future of the modern home.

This luxury home-wide system seamlessly combines all your home technology, including lighting, climate, security and more. It comes with a vast array of functions and features to create the ultimate comfort in your intelligent home.

Design For The Intelligent Homes


An elegant touch screen and an intuitive app on your tablet or smartphone let’s you control all home technology.

Lights, shades, climate as well as security are clearly displayed. Music is part of every room and a simple tap starts your favourite playlist.

Home automation systems are often designed from a technical point of view, while we believe that you should be able to control everything in an intuitive and simple way.

“Who ever said that pleasure wasn’t functional ?”
Charles Eames


Control at your fingertips…

Technology in the modern home is evolving more rapidly than ever, creating enormous possibilities. However, this can lead to systems that are complicated ! Too complicated. We want to keep things simple, intuitive and elegant, both in its form and in its function. Reduced to its essence and improving the comfort of the modern home.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.


Set the scene

We believe lighting control should be simple, intuitive and easily accessible.

With our design, you can create comfort scenes, to automate frequent actions for common situations like ‘Morning’, ‘Relaxing’, ‘Away’ etc.

With just one tap on the app or a touch on our design switches, a scene automatically sets your lights and shades to a specific setting.


Stay comfortable at home

Control the heating, cooling, fans and even lighting from your intelligent thermostat. Thanks to integrated sensors, our light switches automatically measure and control your home climate.

With the app or touch screens you have a full overview of your home climate. With intuitive set point control and planners for when you’re at home and away.


Harmonizes with your daily routines

Using comfort scenes and controls, you can easily set the tone for any occasion.

Your favourite playlists, radio stations and even an old-school record player are only a tap away.

We bring music to the heart of the most important place in life: Home.


Peace of mind

Comfort is all about feeling safe. We design Homes to safeguard you and those around you.

Did someone leave the light on? Switch it off from the app, from anywhere you are.

Integration with your door phone and cameras is simple and allows you to monitor and control who enters your home, even while you are away.

Just feel at home, feel safe and comforted.


A flawless interface that works with a powerful AI assistant controlled by your voice.

Control the light & climate, play music, check the news and weather, or call a taxi all hands free by simply asking.


High Performance Audio