Experience WOW is India’s Premiere Solution Provider of Home Theatre, High Performance Audio, Video, Home Automation and Lighting Control System for Residential, Corporate & Hospitality industry.

Our mission is to create an incredible Home Entertainment and Control Experience for our clients, by integrating the latest high performance Audio, Video, Cinema and Music Systems, with Home Automation, Lighting Control, and Security.

“Defining Excellence In Home Cinema And Automation”

‘ Qualified, Experienced, Highly Motivated…’

Our core team consists of Home AV Specialists, Acoustics Experts, Architects & Interior Designers, Home Automation, Networking, Security and Structured Wiring Specialists.

Our company is established pan India directly and through experienced integrators based in all major cities.

With our HQ located in Mumbai, the fastest growing Digital city, and a network of Concept Centers and Integration Partners, we are ideally placed to service a wider world, as we aim to deliver our ultra-connected solutions no matter where you are located.



To us, a superb home audio-visual experience doesn’t start with the technology. It starts with talking about you, and what you want for your home. Your dreams are the foundations that inspire and excite us. Working in harmony with your design tastes, our systems offer flawless reliability and resilience guaranteeing performance and pleasure around the clock.



Our core team of qualified and experienced specialists is responsible to put across the details of the design and functionality statement, budgetary proposal and technology specifications for your space optimally keeping in mind interiors, acoustics, usability and future expansion during the concept stage.



We deliver end to end solutions tailored to our clients. Our industry certified integration team of project engineers & technicians does the coordination & detailing required to set the designed solution.  The whole system is installed, programed and configured to achieve the desired functionality before the handover.



Experience WOW will constantly strive to create & deliver an incredible Home Entertainment & Control Experience to fulfill your dreams & define excellence in your lifestyle. We will stand behind every system we design & install, and will make every effort to ensure that each Experience WOW customer becomes a customer and friend for life.



More Convenience

More Safety

Higher Energy Savings

The Answer =

The worldwide STANDARD
for Home & Building Control

Roll out the red carpet. Stock up on popcorn.
The Theater Experience is coming to your home.

THX certification means one thing:  Pure Performance.

The goal of the design process is to identify immersive sound systems that can recreate the power of the cinema in your own Home Theater.

With THX® certified surround sound system, you will hear audio the way filmmaker intended. You won’t miss a thing – from the deep bass of an earthquake to the soft pitter-patter of rain on an umbrella. The system is engineered with design characteristics of professional studio speakers to recreate the tonal balance of the director’s mix – in your Home Theater.

THX certified surround sound system deliver crisp, clean sound that fills your room and immerses you in the entertainment.


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